The Baby in Yellow 2020

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Behold! One of the scariest and strangest take-carrying games is here! Usually, these titles are for girls and they are based on the idea that you have a super-cute child to take care of. The needs of every child are similar – he wants food, fun, rest, and love, of course. However, traditional games of that genre are usually ordinary and the kids you interact with are less uncontrollable. On the contrary, the kid in yellow is an absolute horror! You will meet the real evil in the face of a small child and this is going to frighten you for sure. The version of the game launched in 2020 is available for you right here and right now – get ready for a creepy adventure and try not to go mad.

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The game starts ordinary – you enter the house where the small baby is waiting for you. He is just an infant – he cannot walk or talk. However, very soon you will find out that he can levitate instead of walking by feet and he is too developed and smart to talk. Maybe, this is the reason for him to be silent. In general, he looks like a soul of a thousand years being locked inside of the child’s body. The real demon is hiding in the body of a small kid and you will meet this evil face to face. If you are ready for a game like that, the one that will make you wonder what is going on around you and what is waiting for you next, then you should try playing it right now. The baby wants to have fun and what is more – he has some more plans, something like conquering the world, maybe. Just look at his eyes and you will see that something as dark and strange as that lives in his mind. And after you will see him doing strange things like flying and moving objects telepathically, you won’t have any doubts – this child is a true demon with a dark soul and horrible plans.
The latest part can be launched on this site and you are welcome to play it for free whenever you feel like taking care of a demonic kid. This game will encourage you to do all the regular nanny-stuff like feeding, playing, calming, and washing the kid. However, the main difference is that the kid on front of you is not an ordinary one. He is a demon and you will need to find the way to interact with him. How will you do that? Everything depends on you. Follow the instructions and tips of the game to reach success and preferably – not to get crazy in the process!

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