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Fresh and hot, the latest version of The Baby in Yellow is waiting for you right here! Did you miss this child with that demonic gaze of large yellow eyes? We bet that you did! He is back again and the newest chapter of your story begins today. Meet the demonic kid one more time and see if you can deal with his crazy habits and truly satanic skills. The supernatural kid comes from the depths of the hell and you are going to deal with his extremely strange personality.

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The process of the game goes like this. You enter the house where the kid in yellow has been left. The task is to take care of him while the parents are out. After a couple of minutes, you will start thinking that they are gone forever – this strange child seems to be something inhumane. But you are wrong – they will come back and check the efficiency of your work. If you will take care of this kid in the proper way, your job will be considered as successfully done. In case you fail to make him feel good, well, then you will definitely have troubles at work, which you don’t want to happen. However, any troubles you can get at work and with his parents are nothing comparing to this kid himself.
The child has powers and strange skills, like disappearing all of a sudden, moving objects, opening doors, and even flying. You will find yourself in a pretty strange conditions with him. He does whatever he wants and you are expected to treat him good – or you risk not only to lose your job, but become the victim of a demonic wrath. The game presents you a list of tasks to do. All of them have their proper time and place. You should follow the recommendations very carefully and complete everything the game suggests. The idea is to take care of a kid and stay responsible as well as kind and carrying no matter what he does and how horrible he seems to be. Stay calm and patient and always do what you have to do. Try not to get scared too much – this is just a child after all. Or not. Well, sometimes you will have a desire to run away from that strange place and never come back, but you should carry that duty and outlive the story to the end. Hope, it won’t end with your death and insanity. The latest version includes numerous missions and tasks, various items to use, and different possible outcomes of your actions and decisions. Try to behave very carefully and predict kid’s reactions – this won’t be easy, since they are not always obvious. In general, you must take care of him even though he is a demon.

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