The Baby in Yellow Update

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Have you been playing Baby in Yellow recently? Well, then you will be glad to know that there are fresh updates for this game and they are already available on this site. Start your career as a nanny now and get ready for difficulties – habitual and absolutely unexplainable. The updated version of the game will bring you a brand new experience of baby-sitting. As you already know that the child you are going to take care of is pretty strange, the updates will make the process even more thrilling and of course – not-so-expectable.

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You enter the house of a family that leaves you with a kid. The very first sight at this child will definitely make your knees shiver. He is pretty strange and his outlook is a bit scary. These extremely large eyes, so deep and… so evil! You will think that the kid is always angry and what is more – he has something personal about you! If not, then why does he stare at you that way? Of maybe he is an implementation of evil as it is – nothing personal, just some evil business, friends. No matter what are the reasons for this kid to look that strange, he is really frightening and you will have to collide with his strangeness and demonic nature face to face.
In the updated version of the game, you have more activities and tasks to take care of. The developers added small games for you and a child to make him feel better and reduce his negative emotions. Also, the challenges grow and seem more detailed and complicated – your list of tasks is now larger and you will have to do your best to structure and optimize your actions in order to do everything on time. When you are waiting for the second part of this incredible horror game, you may want to experience some new missions in the well-known playing environment. You can do that now in the updated chapter! Have fun and don’t get frightened too much (if you can)!

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