Baldis Basics

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This is your worst days at school! Not because studying is hard (it is always hard), but because it becomes impossible at Baldi’s Basics. While the game mimics the old games about education, you won’t learn anything except the necessity to save your life from a crazy math teacher, who has a giant ruler to punish and kill kids like you. Welcome to the school of Baldi – a real school of survival and horror. Literally.

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You find yourself in the school building. There are numerous cabinets and corridors here, so you will have to investigate them and look for the items that will help you get through the nightmare. The task is to gather a certain amount of notebooks that include math problems. Even though they cannot be solved, you must gather them and find your way out of this place before it is too late. However, your task is complicated – you are not alone in this school and Baldi is chasing you no matter where you go. He is angry because you didn’t fulfill his assignments that are not possible to deal with. Try not to stumble at him at any costs – he will kill you right away. Baldi will run after you in case he understands where you are. During the first stages, he is not very attentive, so you have more chances to run away, run, and hide. However, with time, Baldi will become faster and trickier. He will run after you when you make noises and reach you in a couple of seconds, so your chances are minimal.
Do your best to find the books faster than Baldi kills you. This is your only chance to leave the school and stay alive. You cannot go away before all the notebooks are found. Keep yourself away from Baldi and try not to appear too near to him – the giant ruler is something he will use masterfully to kill you. Have fun and try not to get scared too death!

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