The Baby in Yellow

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Working as a baby sitter, you have had experience with different kids – some of them were naughty, the others never listened to what you say, but you have never met anyone as strange as this child. This is Baby in Yellow, a kid with giant evil eyes and very strange behavior. Your baby sitting job will turn into real horror once you make a step into his parents’ house. He is absolutely troublesome and what is more – you start suspecting something supernatural in him. This is not an ordinary baby and you will meet him closer way too soon.

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The game consists of three chapters. In the first one, you will have to preform habitual tasks and take care of the baby in a very ordinary manner. Feed him, put him to bad, wash his body, and so on. The problem is that you cannot do that successfully enough – the child seems to be strange. He can disappear all of a sudden and searching for him is quite a complicated task. He will sneak away from you, hide, open the doors, and even fly in the air sometimes. Indeed, the look of his demonic eyes is something pretty strange – he cannot be a regular child. The game developers did their best when working on the atmosphere of the game. They managed to turn a cute and innocent creature, this small child, into a real monster with hidden scary habits and paranormal traits. Indeed, there is no other baby sitter on earth who would agree to take care of this kid. Maybe, his parents are afraid of him and that is why they hired you – this satanic child is someone nobody wants to share a room…
The baby sitting game that turns into a real nightmare quite gradually will come to your taste in case you like games with high level of suspense and pressure. Each new chapter will open up something new and creepy – you will be shocked by the events that will unwrap themselves in this house. Try not to get frighten to death and continue doing your job no matter what. The child is extremely suspicious, but you can handle that! A couple of evenings and days with the pure implementation of evil will make you stronger. Or they will break your mind – everything depends on you! The game is pretty tough and you will find the layer of horror that lies under the habitual household tasks. At some point, you will even start thinking that the child is trying to… kill you! How can a small creature be that evil? You will have to find everything. Maybe, he is possessed by evil spirits or the family is cursed – it is not clear. Your task is to what you have to do and try to stay alive and sane.

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