Granny 2

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The story of a mysterious and absolutely violent old lady and you goes on. Again, Granny has locked you in her house and it seems like the only entertainment she has in her life is to make you scared. The idea of the game sounds simple – you need to investigate the building and find the keys to run away. Without the keys, you won’t be able to leave the house. However, easy sad, but not that easy done! The house is huge and there are thousands of potential places where the keys might be. The problem is that you search will be constantly interrupted by Granny, who is trying to kill you.

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The second part gives you even more “chances” to die. The floor is squeaking even harder than ever, the doors and wardrobes make noises every time you touch them, which means that Granny will chase you more often. Now she is even faster than she was, even though her speed was more than impressive. After you attract her attention, there are two seconds for you to find a shelter and hide. If you fail to do that, Granny will catch you, which means that you are going to die instantly. Try to use your time smartly, move as quiet as you can, and make sure to avoid meeting the crazy old woman at any costs. Have fun – the game is very thrilling and emotional! Feel the pressure of a monster that follows your every step! The horrible nightmarish atmosphere of the dark mansion will make you scared all the time and of course Granny who can appear at any second will wrack your nerves madly.

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