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Another survival game where you are locked with a real monster and try to make your way out from a horrible house. You are in a dark mansion with Granny, the old lady willing to kill you. It is not very clear how did you get here and why does she keep you inside. You are going to walk around the house trying to find the keys that unlock the doors. This is your only chance to get away alive. However, before you will find the keys, there is a risk that you will die from the hands of this old lady. Despite being old, she is strong and very fast.

Similiar games

When you move around the house, try to look for the keys everywhere. You don’t know where they are, so look at all the shelves, wardrobes, and under the beds. By the way, the same places will serve as shelters for you when Granny is running. Try to stay quiet – the noises will attract her attention and she will realize where you are. In a second, she will be there, so do your best not to drop things and avoid making loud steps. Sometimes, the old floor and doors will make noises all of a sudden, but when this happens, you shouldn’t wait for even a second. Granny needs a moment to appear near, so remember that you need to hide right after you make a noise without waiting for her to come. Search for the keys and find the exit. This is the only thing you can do to survive. You cannot fight Granny and cannot kill her anyhow – there are no weapons at your disposal and attacks are impossible. It is not even clear if Granny can be killed – she looks like a horrible demon from hell that lives here for a thousand of years and will continue living for an eternity. Spooky!

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