The Baby in Yellow Horror

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Welcome to the game where you will take care of a child. A pretty strange one, we must admit! Despite the fact that this title is based on pretty ordinary tasks like feeding and playing, it has a very strange trait – the kid you are taking care of is not like all the other infants. We bet that you will guess that after you look at his eyes, so evil and big. Are you ready to test your patience, intellect, and problem-solving skills? Well, then this game will gladden you for sure. Start playing now – it is free and available online right on this page. So what is waiting for you in a company of a strange child? Let’s find out.

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The most blood-chilling element of the game is the ever-growing atmosphere of horror that increases and cover you entirely. When you start playing, everything is not that horrible – you feed a child, bring him to bed, play, etc. The only strange thing is his gaze – his manner to look at you will definitely influence you a lot. However, the time goes by and the demonic side of a kid shows itself more and more obviously. You will have to deal with strange events that are supernatural. For example, the child has a skill to disappear or even raise into the air. While he is too small to walk on his feet, he can move around the house with some kind of strange magic. He can open and close the doors with some strange power – not his hands, of course, since they are too weak yet. Dealing with such a strange kid is a very frightening experience and you are going to spend three chapters with him.
The horror atmosphere will make you shiver from fear all the time, since the pressure will grow – you will start expecting for something horrible to happen every minute. Do your best to stay sane when playing with this kid – this is something you will try to do. Make sure to treat him well no matter what. Even though you know that he is a real demon, you must keep calm, patient, and be carrying – this is your job and the results depend on how you treat the kid. And, of course, try to survive in this strange situation. We bet that you will never work as a baby sitter after this case.

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