The Baby in Yellow 2

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The second part of a horror baby-sitting game is already here! You work as a nanny and your duty is to take care of a small child. A pretty unusual one, we must admit. Again, you will meet the child in a yellow t-shirt and with absolutely crazy eyes that are extremely large and stare at you in a very demonic way. Indeed, we bet that you will get chills down your spine when you will see this little one again. The task list is pretty traditional – you must take care of a child in numerous ways, which are pretty simple from the first site. You have to give this little one a bottle with milk when he is hungry, play with him and make him amused when he feels bored or sad, and bring him to bed when he is tired and when the time comes to have some rest after active games. Remember that you need to turn the light off and close the door that leads to a child’s room when he falls asleep. Keep silence when he is sleeping – this is very important to let him have some rest. When the kid sleeps enough, he behaves better. What is more, this is your chance to take a nap, watch TV, and have a rest on a soft sofa calmly.

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From the very first glance, your tasks are not so complicated. However, if you have played the first chapter of the game, you already know – this is just the beginning and challenges are waiting for you ahead. During the playing process, incredible and strange things will happen. They will frighten you for a number of times. And maybe you will regret about your choice to work in this family, where the child is not an ordinary one. No matter what, you must be carrying and attentive. Be empathic, smart, and kind to the child no matter what happens – this decides the further events and the outcomes of the chapter. When the child has a bad mood and his emotions are negative, you must do something about that and try to keep his mood positive. The mood and feelings of the child influence the results of your work a lot.
The to-do list will be displayed in the left upper corner of your screen. Make sure that you follow the instructions and complete tasks in the right order. You have to be attentive when making decisions and choosing the sequence of your actions. The game has tasks and plot, but you have freedom of action and are welcome to choose your further moves on your own. Just be ready that the game will amaze, surprise, and frighten you for a number of times. The further you move and the more you play, the darker and stranger everything becomes. Get ready – you will be scared in a not-childish way.

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