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The second chapter of FNaF will bring you to the past. It is 1987 and you are in the pizzeria of Freddy again. This pizzeria is improved and well-developed, so working here seems a good idea to you. Michael – this is how the main character is called – is now Jeremy Fitzgerald and he is here to work as a guardsman again. When the night comes, animatronics walk around the location in a free-roaming regime. They will definitely try to enter your room and when they do – you can say “good-bye” to your life. These monsters kill from one sight.

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You will talk to a telephone guy – a strange and mysterious character that is trying to help you stay alive during these five horrible nights. Listen to his advice and follow recommendations. Just like in the first part of the game, he will try to assist you and explain the events that are happening around. You will definitely want to know what kind of a nightmare you are in. You will learn about the previous Freddy’s restaurant that was closed time ago. The reason will become obvious soon – these uncontrollable animals are real killers and they tried to murder previous staff members. Now they aim at you and you are their new victim. Animatronics can never have enough blood. The phone guy will inform you that animatronics have a brand new technology – the system of face detection. They can detect the criminals, but at some moment this skill was distorted and now they perceive all adults as villains, which is a possible reason for their violent behavior. They behave not only strange, but cruelly and you are unlucky enough to become the one under their merciless attack.

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