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The events of the third FNaF chapter happen thirty years after the pizzeria was closed. The reason for closing was tragic – the incident happened on the entertaining attractions and young children died. Now they seem to live inside of the mechanical animals and come back for a revenge. You are blamed in this horrible event and animatronics are here to make you suffer, as they always do. The game includes a small plot about the Violet Man. He is surrounded by the kids’ souls in a room, where the animatronics cannot enter. He knows that these souls are here for a revenge and he is afraid. Therefore, hoping to escape, Violet Man put the broken costume of Bonnie. However, the air conditions in the room and his movements activate the costume and the details pierce the man’s body. He dies. Every time the telephone rings in your office, you will hear this story and reason of this tragedy.

Similiar games

After you handle all five nights with horrible animatronics, you can witness two type of an ending – positive and negative. If you will fail to complete the mini-games and side tasks correctly, the animatronics from the first part of the game will come back. You will see them again and they will inform you that the ending is bad. However, if you were successful to deal with all the tasks and solved the correctly, you will see the animatronics informing you that the game is over. The difference is not very significant – the bad ending includes animatronics’ heads that are lighten up with yellow.
If you want to know the details of the tragedy that happened in the attraction, then you need to pass the game in the Nightmare regime. Once you do, you will see more and find out that the Violet Man survived this catastrophe. But everything that happened to him next was horrible – kids’ souls decided to punish him and they did it. The third part is rich for stories and explanations, so if you are a real fan of the series who wants to know more about the game events, then you need to play it for sure. Enjoy hanging out with animatronics and dive deep into the story of Freddy’s Pizzeria and everything around it.

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