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Looking for a striking horror game? Need something fresh, creepy, and interesting? Well, we have something to offer. This section of our website is devoted to a unique and incredibly mysterious horror game called The Baby in Yellow. This is a story of a baby sitter who is unlucky enough to appear in the house with a strange child.

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She is used to kids and know that they might be problematic sometimes. However, she has never met a kid like this. Strange, evil, and truly demonic child will make your knees shake every time you see him. His huge eyes are full of anger and hatred. His small body seems weak and childish, but in the reality he can fly in the air, open the doors with the power of his thought, and do many more strange things. He hellish fire burns in his eyes and you must keep yourself calm and patient to avoid being burned in that flame.

The games that are united under the title of The Baby in Yellow are all creepy and share perfect atmosphere. Pretending to be a carrying game where you have to treat the child and make him feel better fulfilling his basic needs, the game has more to present. This is an unusual carrying game where the kid is not ordinary. Of course, you will have to do everything a nanny usually does – feeding him, playing, washing, putting clothes on, and bringing him to bed in the evening. The child has needs and you will see the list of tasks on your screen. It is very important to follow them carefully and do everything the game suggests. If you won’t do that, the child will become more and more angry and sad. Which means that you will have to meet the wrath of a horrible creature from hell and we bet that this is the last thing you want to happen. Track the kid’s mood – this is the main aspect you should keep an eye on. You must be aware of his current state and do everything to improve it, especially in case the level goes too low. Be careful and remember that every child is just a child, but this one is something unusual, so you must show more preciseness, care, and kindness to him. Otherwise, chances are that he will show his real identity too soon and your chances to finish your working day without dying will equal zero.

We have gathered all the best versions of the game right here. You will find full and unblocked title where all functions, chapters, and events are available. Also, we have some cheats for you! If you are stuck while playing with a creepy child and need some help – don’t get frustrated and use one of these cool cheats to move on. We bet that you don’t want to lose the beauty of the game and abandon it just because you cannot deal with one of the tasks. There are all the existing updates and parts published here and the best thing – they are free to play. You are welcome to enjoy any of them online, launching the game from your browser on tablet, phone, or computer. Have fun with a creepy child and don’t forget to check other horror titles we have prepared for you! Enjoy!

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