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You were looking for a job and never knew that your destiny will lead you to a truly hellish place. Troubles with annoying boss or stupid colleagues will seem nothing comparing to the nightmare you are going to experience at this workplace. You are hired as a night guardsman in the city pizzeria owned by a huge animatronic bear called Freddy (sounds strange enough already, but this is just the beginning). As you start working, you have no idea about the real essence of mechanical animals that live here. Well, you will find out more very soon and this knowledge won’t be very pleasant.

Similiar games

There are five horrible nights ahead and your only task is to stay alive. When you sit in your office room, animatronics start strange movement in your direction. Seeing their crazy eyes burning with red, you can say that they have nothing good on their minds. And right you are – they are here to jumpscare you to death, so make sure to lock and block all the entrances. The problem is that you cannot do that efficiently enough – only a limited amount of entrances can be blocked at a time. They can use the doors, windows, ventilation, and other holes that lead to the room. Try to lock these holes before they get through and appear right in front of you. A jumpscare means that you have lost the game, so try to avoid them moving too close. Use the cameras to watch the animals and try to predict which entrance they are going to use next. Good luck and hang on for five nights without dying. The game doesn’t give you a second chance – you win or you die. The bloodthirsty enemies will try to sneak into the office and your task is to keep them away from you. Otherwise, you will lose.

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