The Baby in Yellow Black Cat

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The long-awaited continuation of the sensational adventures of the child in yellow still saw the light. Gamers quickly appreciated the new additions and now leave positive feedback on third-party online resources dedicated to the latest in the gaming industry.


The player will continue to find out the details of the life of the insidious baby in yellow. Despite all the efforts and quality care, the baby’s character did not improve. The user will have to beware and constantly wait for the unexpected appearance of a child in yellow robes.
In the new part of the game, in addition to the baby, the player will interact with a black cat. He first appeared in the previous episode under very mysterious circumstances. Now the gamer needs to dutifully follow the black cat. He becomes a guide in a series of mysterious labyrinths. Each new room is not just a game location. The player will surely be waiting for new puzzles and other riddles here.

The conductor and the main enemy is determined. However, do not think that the gamer will be left alone with the insidious baby. In the new part, he will have an assistant. They are a funny robot named Newt. He will not be able to help the player in his journey immediately after launch. First you need to put it in order – fix it. With enough time and ingenuity, even a novice puzzle lover will cope with this task.
Communication with the robot is an interesting detail that deserves special mention. The electronic assistant cannot speak. However, the gamer will still receive valuable advice. The robot formulates its thought and “gives out” the result on paper. A small scroll emerges from his open mouth.

There are a lot of mysteries in the new computer game. The text of the task appears in advance. A gamer can study it and immediately start playing. For example, during the assembly of a robot, it is necessary not only to find the parts, but also to determine the exact sequence and installation locations. Tasks may include searching for certain objects, ways of interacting between the found things, solving various written puzzles, etc.

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