The Baby in Yellow Unblocked

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Are you ready for the baby-sitting job? Sure, you are! How about playing with a real demon? Well, we bet that you are already excited and a bit frightened. Right you are – this game will make you spend time with a kid who has nothing in common with other children except that he is small and looks like an infant. His large eyes are staring at you and this look doesn’t promise anything good – you will definitely have the strangest time in your life, spending days with this little guy, who has secrets. It is not very clear what exactly makes him that strange, but supposedly he is possessed by some kind of ancient evil and maybe his family is afraid of their child as well. That is why, you are here now – they avoid staying with him in a house and you will understand why very soon.

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When you just start playing the game, you might think that this is an ordinary care-taking title. It really looks like this, only the child is pretty demonic. You will track his mood and preferences, meet his needs and desires, and do everything to make him feel good and satisfied. If he is not, the results of the levels you pass will be poor and you won’t avoid accesses at the workplace. However, tasks you need to perform are nothing comparing to the strange essence of this kid. He can vanish all of a sudden and finding him is not that easy. Also, he has a levitation skill – don’t be surprised when he flies in the air. His demonic character will open up gradually and you will have to deal with real horror implemented in the small kid. The game will turn into a horror gradually and the atmosphere will become darker with every new chapter you start.
The unblocked version of the game includes all the game chapters – there are three of them. Also, there are all the items to use, as well as numerous tasks to accomplish. Playing it might seem easy at the beginning, but the clouds will grow heavier with time. The strangeness of a child will show itself pretty soon and dealing with the darkest sides of his nature won’t be simple. He will frighten you for a number of times and you will realize that you are not a baby sitter anymore, but more like a demon sitter. The game will entertain and scare you at the same time, so if you like atmospheric and original horrors, you should try it out and enjoy the full version we have prepared for you. Have fun with the most demonic kid ever!

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